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What other sources of induction information do I have?
Upon selection for a position to the UN Secretariat or reassignment to another Secretariat position, you will be contacted by an HR Officer, who can provide you further information. In addition, many Duty Station assign a "buddy", who can guide you through informal information on your new Duty Station.
Is completion of the Global Induction Platform mandatory?
While the completion of the Global Induction Platform is not mandatory, some of the elements in it are (for example, mandatory courses). In addition, it is highly recommended to go through the Global Induction Platform in full, as some of the information is provided exclusively on this platform.
My Office has specific induction training that I would like to include in the platform. How do I do that?
Any relevant induction information may be hosted on the platform and directed at the proper audience. To reach the Global Induction Platform administrator, please use the "contact us" option on the main page.
Can I register with my private email or do I have to wait for a UN email?
The Global Induction Platform allows registry with both private and UN emails. If you sign with a private email, please allow 2 business days to be authorized by the system administrator, who will verify that you were selected for a UN Secretariat position.
Who does the Global Induction Platform serve?
The Global Induction Platform is a tool that supports the induction needs of new staff members in the UN Secretariat (including all types of appointments), current staff who go through a professional or geographic transition, and staff looking for a repository if induction information.
Who updates the information provided on the Global Induction Platform?
The Global Induction Platform is a tool that links between the user and the information, hence, it mostly doesn't host self-developed information. Each subject matter expert in the UN Secretariat remains responsible for the information the platform links to, including it's updating and revision as necessary.
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